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I look forward to embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead while protecting the quality of life that we all have come to expect from Horseshoe Bay! By leading a city administration with transparency and accountability.  I decided to run for mayor because I have lost trust in our current city administration.
Our city’s Mission Statement says “To serve and protect our citizens while preserving our heritage and planning our future.” Somewhere during the last few years the focus has shifted, to expanding our city limits by annexing large areas that will need basic services setting a massive drain on our water resources, directly affecting the efficiency and response time for our emergency services such as medical, fire and police.  Our current city administration has taken it upon themselves to subjectively re-zone some A1 recreational areas to C1 commercial and R6 multi-family. The current administration did not take into consideration objections from our citizens. This forced change will absolutely transform the character of our community.

The current administration advocated for an expensive city administration building. Our community needs to prioritize improving essential city services that are desperately needed instead of devoting huge amounts of our resources on a new city administration building. We need to bring common sense back to our city government and have meaningful and responsible progress together.

I have never been one to shy away from hard work and always strive for excellence. I am also very aware of the fact that if elected Mayor of Horseshoe Bay I will be serving our community, putting your needs and concerns first.  I will always stand-up for what is right.  Centered by three principles that hold true to me: faith, family and friends and guided by values that serve as my compass: Is it legal? Is it ethical? Is it moral? By upholding these three pillars, I ensure that my actions align with the highest standards of conduct.

I will make myself available to our community to discuss any concerns and exchange ideas.  I intend, WITH YOUR HELP to transform my current weekly informal meetings at Bayside Fresh Market into COFFEE WITH THE MAYOR. With your vote, I will be the next Mayor of Horseshoe Bay.