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It was brought to my attention that a malicious anonymous letter had been mailed to a number of Horseshoe Bay residents. The envelope also contained the Frequently Asked Questions distributed by the City at the last Town Hall meeting held at the HSB Resort. The envelope had no return address.

This vicious anonymous letter contains a number of unfounded allegations and misinformation with the clear and sole purpose of damaging my character and reputation. I received quite a number of phone calls over the last few days from residents who are outraged at the audacity, this individual had, to print and mail these defaming comments.

I am very fortunate to have caring and responsible individuals around me who have stepped-up to find the origin of this defaming letter. The manner and style of writing is similar to previous mass emails sent utilizing public funds in an effort to disadvantage my campaign. The City of HSB was contacted and asked directly if this letter came from the City and the communications department informed that “the letter did not come from the city, it was sent by the Mayor.”

This disgraceful action certainly demands a public apology. Whether or not some other city officials were involved in this willful and spiteful defamation may never be known. This defaming letter reaffirms my extreme disappointment and complete distrust in our current leadership.

Why do these individuals insist on remaining in public office at all costs? Why stoop this low in an effort to keep the leadership under their control? I hold myself to the highest standards of conduct. These deliberate and tenuous actions only demonstrate a lack of character and ethics.

It is also unfortunate that several Vote For Beeman signs were vandalized last week.

I am running for Mayor of Horseshoe Bay. The citizens of Horseshoe Bay deserve a responsible and transparent leader. I will hold my head up high while continuing a campaign that speaks only of my vision for our city without the need to slander anyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me directly at 281-731-1113 or vial email at [email protected]